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Essential home safety devices, GFCI outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupters, protect you and your family from electrical shocks, particularly in water and moisture-prone areas of your home. Easy to recognize and simple to install, these devices offer an inexpensive way to increase...Read more

Those long days of summer are rapidly waning. With darkness creeping in at earlier hours on chilly fall and winter nights, you may be considering the addition of security lighting to the premises of your home or business. Security lighting can be a great asset – when properly installed and used...Read more

October is Positive Attitude Month and Mr. Electric® wants to remind you about how thinking can be a powerful tool for motivation and improvement.  

Our thoughts are a tool that can either help or hurt us. If we are constantly thinking negatively, we might start acting that way....Read more

When you think about emergency power options for your home or business, a backup generator probably comes to mind. This provides electricity independently from the grid when the power goes out.
All wired-in generators require...Read more

When you assess the lighting in your home, you should be able to pick out several layers of illumination. General lighting is typically centered on the ceiling, casting a bright light around the room. Task lighting, such as desk lamps, under-cabinet lights and reading lamps, are designed to help...Read more

Electricity – it’s easy to take for granted until a power outage takes it away. Do you have a plan for powering your home during a blackout? Installing a backup generator is a reliable way to keep your home comfortable, your lights on, perishable food refrigerated and the hot water running until...Read more

Renewable power stations and advances in related technology are expected to continue to grow strongly across the U.S. in the coming decade and beyond as the country attempts to supply more and more of its electricity needs from sustainable sources. Dubbed “a new era of energy exploration” by...Read more

When most people think of childproofing their home, their minds jump to childproof outlets. The National Fire Protection Association stated that approximately 2,400 children suffer from shock and burns each year from electric outlets. However, childproof outlets are only the beginning to...Read more

Part of September’s self-improvement month involves recharging. No, not your phone or tablet, but yourself.  Today, we are so caught up in our technology that sometimes we forget to put it down and enjoy the things around us.  Taking a vacation isn’t something that all of us can do on a whim, so...Read more

In celebration of Baby Safety Month this September, 2016, you may be considering adding childproof outlets to your home. A life and property-saving device, these specialized receptacles offer...Read more